120 Most Picturesque Small Towns in America

Now that summer is here, many are excited to visit beautiful places. Those who seek picturesque spots will undoubtedly be charmed by America’s small towns. The small towns often have beautiful and historical architecture, are filled with quaint streets, and are embedded in scenic beauty.

With so many beautiful small towns in the USA that all have their own unique charm, we wanted to find out which ones are the most picturesque.

Our team did a study to find the 120 most picturesque small towns in America that are an absolute must-see and that one shouldn’t miss out on this summer.

For this study, our team compared 500 small towns. To determine which are the most picturesque, we looked at the following categories: search trends, popularity with photographers, and popularity for photography with the general public.

Some highlights:

  • Fredericksburg, Texas, is the most picturesque small town in America
  • Cedarburg, Wisconsin, ranked as the second most picturesque small town in the United States
  • The third spot goes to Orange Beach, Alabama
  • Texas has 15 of the most picturesque small towns in America
  • 10 of the most picturesque small towns can be found in New York
  • Georgia has 7 of the most picturesque small towns



Find the 120 most picturesque small towns in America on the map below. Each marker represents one small town, and you can tap/hover over each marker to see the name of the small town and its rank.

Table of full ranking (120 small towns)

Scroll the table to see the data for all 120 small towns.

Rank Town State General public index Photographers index Search trends index
1 Fredericksburg Texas 10.00 0.32 0.31
2 Cedarburg Wisconsin 0.36 0.02 10.00
3 Orange Beach Alabama 7.31 1.45 0.16
4 Portsmouth New Hampshire 7.88 0.24 0.01
5 Madison Georgia 0.55 9.69 0.02
6 Isle of Palms South Carolina 0.37 8.55 0.01
7 Augusta Kentucky 0.06 8.70 0.01
8 Westport Connecticut 5.98 0.10 0.16
9 Beacon New York 5.41 0.63 0.01
10 Westfield New Jersey 5.25 0.16 0.01
11 Beaufort South Carolina 4.77 0.49 0.16
12 Easton Pennsylvania 4.75 0.38 0.16
13 Ocean City Maryland 4.17 0.20 0.77
14 Seaside Florida 3.31 1.87 0.16
15 Red Bank New Jersey 4.65 0.17 0.01
16 Gloucester Massachusetts 2.84 1.77 0.62
17 Astoria Oregon 0.14 5.43 0.16
18 Greenport New York 0.43 4.60 0.01
19 Nacogdoches Texas 1.41 3.27 0.01
20 Cape May New Jersey 3.34 0.22 0.16
21 Hudson New York 3.33 0.11 0.16
22 Lake George New York 1.55 2.07 0.16
23 Aiken South Carolina 2.61 0.02 0.61
24 Sedona Arizona 2.37 0.07 0.77
25 Oxford Mississippi 2.83 0.10 0.16
26 Breckenridge Colorado 2.62 0.35 0.02
27 Rockport Massachusetts 1.80 0.01 1.23
28 St. Augustine Florida 2.74 0.10 0.02
29 Leavenworth Washington 1.05 0.10 1.86
30 Mystic Connecticut 2.43 0.26 0.01
31 Aspen Colorado 1.64 1.27 0.01
32 Doylestown Pennsylvania 2.38 0.05 0.16
33 Holland Michigan 2.26 0.36 0.01
34 Estes Park Colorado 2.20 0.36 0.02
35 Lexington Massachusetts 1.55 0.38 0.61
36 Boerne Texas 2.23 0.16 0.01
37 Apalachicola Florida 0.05 2.99 0.01
38 Bristol Rhode Island 1.75 0.40 0.16
39 Concord Massachusetts 1.63 0.72 0.01
40 Northampton Massachusetts 2.03 0.10 0.01
41 Stillwater Minnesota 1.53 0.03 0.62
42 Blue Ridge Georgia 1.83 0.09 0.16
43 West Texas 1.13 1.11 0.01
44 Saratoga Springs New York 1.75 0.11 0.16
45 Lititz Pennsylvania 1.88 0.06 0.01
46 Dripping Springs Texas 1.35 0.07 0.61
47 Covington Georgia 1.82 0.07 0.01
48 Spring Lake New Jersey 1.34 0.68 0.01
49 San Elizario Texas 0.02 2.39 0.02
50 Beaufort North Carolina 1.66 0.22 0.02
51 Paducah Kentucky 1.66 0.04 0.16
52 Stowe Vermont 1.71 0.13 0.02
53 Middleburg Virginia 0.97 1.09 0.01
54 Hillsborough North Carolina 1.19 0.62 0.16
55 Hood River Oregon 0.08 1.98 0.16
56 Brunswick Georgia 1.16 0.03 0.62
57 Newburyport Massachusetts 1.42 0.37 0.01
58 Murray Kentucky 0.81 0.79 0.31
59 Gallatin Tennessee 1.57 0.07 0.02
60 Cannon Beach Oregon 0.03 2.04 0.02
61 Lambertville New Jersey 1.45 0.00 0.16
62 North Bend Washington 0.69 1.15 0.02
63 Palm Beach Florida 1.51 0.05 0.01
64 Helen Georgia 1.28 0.31 0.01
65 Gatlinburg Tennessee 1.31 0.21 0.01
66 Rehoboth Beach Delaware 0.58 0.30 0.77
67 Bandera Texas 0.40 1.34 0.01
68 Rockport Texas 1.25 0.07 0.16
69 Bel Air Maryland 1.39 0.03 0.01
70 Rhinebeck New York 0.99 0.51 0.01
71 Brenham Texas 1.16 0.11 0.16
72 Dublin Georgia 0.76 0.70 0.01
73 Blowing Rock North Carolina 1.17 0.13 0.01
74 Jackson Wyoming 1.12 0.19 0.01
75 Clemson South Carolina 1.12 0.17 0.01
76 Clinton New Jersey 0.92 0.22 0.16
77 Julian California 1.07 0.01 0.16
78 Woodstock New York 0.62 0.08 0.62
79 Cold Spring New York 1.16 0.06 0.01
80 Provincetown Massachusetts 0.52 0.17 0.61
81 Gruene Texas 0.98 0.07 0.16
82 Littleton New Hampshire 0.49 0.03 0.77
83 Blairsville Georgia 0.59 0.07 0.61
84 Woodstock Vermont 1.06 0.13 0.01
85 Gettysburg Pennsylvania 0.94 0.11 0.16
86 Sea Bright New Jersey 1.00 0.20 0.01
87 Lake Geneva Wisconsin 0.95 0.26 0.01
88 Holly Springs Mississippi 0.05 1.41 0.01
89 Wimberley Texas 1.09 0.06 0.01
90 Cashiers North Carolina 1.13 0.02 0.01
91 Covington Louisiana 1.09 0.06 0.01
92 Clayton New York 0.35 0.84 0.16
93 Lake Placid New York 0.91 0.28 0.01
94 Mancos Colorado 0.01 1.27 0.16
95 Taos New Mexico 0.78 0.27 0.16
96 Bisbee Arizona 0.35 0.31 0.61
97 Granbury Texas 1.05 0.07 0.01
98 German Village Ohio 0.03 1.38 0.02
99 Sonoma California 0.15 1.22 0.01
100 Lewes Delaware 0.90 0.25 0.01
101 Westerly Rhode Island 1.06 0.03 0.02
102 Travelers Rest South Carolina 0.74 0.44 0.01
103 Folly Beach South Carolina 1.07 0.01 0.02
104 Ambler Pennsylvania 1.06 0.01 0.01
105 Berlin Maryland 0.92 0.18 0.01
106 Round Top Texas 0.89 0.21 0.01
107 Saugatuck Michigan 0.19 0.89 0.16
108 Cape Canaveral Florida 0.04 1.25 0.01
109 Driftwood Texas 0.32 0.19 0.61
110 Washington North Carolina 0.74 0.15 0.16
111 Port Aransas Texas 0.95 0.02 0.01
112 Jerome Arizona 0.78 0.05 0.16
113 Eureka California 0.69 0.16 0.16
114 Sewanee Tennessee 0.06 1.13 0.01
115 Bryson City North Carolina 0.32 0.11 0.61
116 Montpelier Vermont 0.75 0.04 0.16
117 Poulsbo Washington 0.29 0.80 0.01
118 Fairhope Alabama 0.85 0.07 0.02
119 Gulf Shores Alabama 0.39 0.67 0.01
120 Essex Connecticut 6.67 2.96 0.10

25 Most Picturesque Small Towns in America

The 25 most picturesque small towns in the USA are listed below with a short summary for each town.

1. Fredericksburg, Texas

Signs, trees, and path in Fredericksburg, Texas
ShengYing Lin / Shutterstock.com

Fredericksburg, Texas, located in the Texas Hill Country, is a paradise for those that want to admire stunning historic architecture and mesmerizing nature. The small town’s German heritage, German architectural style, and beautiful vineyards are some of the reasons why this is the most picturesque small town in America. Furthermore, one should not miss the nearby Enchanted Rock, which is a beautiful granite mountain from where great views of the surrounding natural landscapes can be enjoyed.

2. Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Water and trees in front of a building in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

With a beautiful preserved historic downtown where a lot of charming buildings can be seen, the town of Cedarburg makes for the second most picturesque town in America. From gorgeous wineries to stunning nature to historic sights, the beauty of the town will surprise you. One of the town’s stunning highlights that one shouldn’t miss out on is The Covered Bridge.

3. Orange Beach, Alabama

Boats from above in Orange Beach, Alabama

Known for its gorgeous beaches and clear waters, Orange Beach, Alabama, is one of the most picturesque small towns in America. This town on the Gulf Coast of the state of Alabama has a lot to offer for those that love beautiful places. From going for a relaxing stroll on the town’s boardwalk to seeing Orange Beach from the water while doing a cruise to getting beautiful views of the water while hanging out at the beach, the beauty of the town will surprise you. In addition to that, Orange Beach is home to fun attractions and incredible dining options, making it a wonderful place for a getaway.

4. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Boats on the water in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

From elegant historic houses to pretty boutique shops to beautiful parks, you can find it in the picturesque town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There’s a lot to discover in the town including the Strawbery Banke Museum, an outdoor history museum with historic houses. This, combined with the many spots from where you can enjoy views of the Piscataqua River make the town a must-visit if you like exploring photogenic destinations.

5. Madison, Georgia

Madison, Georgia from above

Madison, located in the heart of Georgia, is home to charming restaurants, picturesque quaint streets, and great parks. From pretty antebellum houses to gorgeous gardens, you can find beautiful places in the historic downtown area of the town. The impressive buildings that you can find in Madison, including the Morgan County Courthouse, make the town a must-visit for those that like seeing beautiful architecture.

6. Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Pier during sunrise in Isle of Palms, South Carolina

From gorgeous wide sandy beaches to clear waters to pretty waterfront houses, Isle of Palms, SC, is a town with many beautiful spots. In addition to that, the town’s Tom Fazio-designed golf courses, water activities, restaurants with a view, and luxurious beachfront hotels make Isle of Palms perfect for a getaway.

7. Augusta, Kentucky

Buildings in Augusta, Kentucky
Main Street, Augusta, Kentucky” by J. Stephen Conn (CC BY-ND 2.0)

With its diverse architectural styles, Augusta, KY, is a wonderful town for those that love seeing beautiful and impressive architecture. The picturesque town has a lovely ambiance and one can enjoy beautiful views of the Ohio River from the town. Combine this with the many boutique shops and the Baker-Bird Winery, and the town is a must-visit if you like traveling to pretty places.

8. Westport, Connecticut

Tree and buildings in Westport, Connecticut
Miro Vrlik Photography / Shutterstock.com

The lovely waterfront town of Westport, on the Gold Coast of Connecticut, makes for a perfect getaway. Because of its waterfront, gorgeous buildings with stunning architecture, and historic landmarks, it’s one of the most picturesque towns in the country. When visiting the town in spring, one can also see beautiful cherry blossom trees that add to the beauty of the town.

9. Beacon, New York

Waterfall in Beacon, New York

Beacon, NY, can be found along the Hudson River. With beautiful nature, great water elements, and picturesque shops, this photogenic town makes for an incredible getaway. Especially during fall, you’ll be charmed by the town’s beauty because of the beautiful fall foliage in Beacon.

10. Westfield, New Jersey

Colorful houses in Westfield, New Jersey
Logan__123 / Shutterstock.com

With many historic buildings, beautiful parks, and a picturesque downtown area, Westfield, New Jersey, is definitely worth a visit for those that love beautiful small towns. From having breakfast at Vicki’s Diner, which is a gorgeous retro-style diner, to shopping at the pretty boutique shops, there are lots of great activities in Westfield for those that want to have fun and see beautiful spots in the town. Some photogenic sights are the Watchung Reservation and the Miller-Cory House Museum.

11. Beaufort, South Carolina

Tree on the sand in Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort, SC, is a charming town that was founded in 1711 and is located on Port Royal Island on America’s Atlantic coast. Not only is the town rich in quaint streets and beautiful historic buildings, several of which are designated a National Historic Landmark, but there is also a lot of beautiful nature in Beaufort. From Lowcountry landscapes to pristine beaches to parks, there is a lot of natural beauty to discover in Beaufort, SC.

12. Easton, Pennsylvania

Green bridge in Easton, Pennsylvania

With its charming historic downtown, beautifully detailed architecture, and historic landmarks, Easton, PA, is a gorgeous town to explore in the United States. The river views from the town also add to the beauty of Easton and a photogenic highlight that one shouldn’t miss out on is the Northampton Street Bridge.

13. Ocean City, Maryland

Beach and Ferris wheel in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland, is a very picturesque small town with its iconic boardwalk and beautiful sandy beaches. The town has a lovely beach town atmosphere. This combined with Ocean City’s colorful rides and attractions makes the town amazing for a getaway.

14. Seaside, Florida

Beach in Seaside, Florida

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Seaside, FL, is a picturesque town with white-sand beaches and a beautiful coastline. With many great examples of New Urbanism design, cobblestone streets, and pastel houses, the town has something to offer for everyone’s liking.

15. Red Bank, New Jersey

Tree in front of buildings in Red Bank, New Jersey
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

Red Bank, New Jersey, is a lovely town that is located on the Navesink River. Whether you like beautiful nature, historic sights, or viewpoints, you’ll find it here. The Count Basie Theatre, established in the year 1926, is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the town, in part because the building has a beautifully decorated ceiling. Other notable places in the town are the Red Bank Marina and the Red Bank Armory Ice Complex.

16. Gloucester, Massachusetts

Colorful houses in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Allard One / Shutterstock.com

Gloucester, Massachusetts, is a charming town in New England. Not only does the town have a lovely historic seaport and a beautiful lighthouse, but Gloucester is also home to many amazing viewpoints and colorful houses. This combined with the perfect ambiance of Gloucester makes this picturesque town a great getaway.

17. Astoria, Oregon

Bridge in Astoria, Oregon

With beautiful coastal views and Victorian-style homes, Astoria, Oregon, is one of the country’s most picturesque towns. Some of the photogenic landmarks that can be found in Astoria are The Astoria Column and the Astoria–Megler Bridge. Furthermore, the town has a rich maritime history making it not only a beautiful place to visit but also a very interesting one.

18. Greenport, New York

Cars driving in front of trees and buildings in Greenport, New York
quiggyt4 / Shutterstock.com

Greenport, NY, a charming town with a great maritime atmosphere, is home to stunning historic buildings, including old lighthouses. Other beautiful places in the town are the 1920s Antique Carousel and scenic vineyards. Greenport is also great for relaxing in parks, shopping at boutique shops, and enjoying views while having delicious food at a restaurant.

19. Nacogdoches, Texas

Road and buildings in Nacogdoches, Texas

Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas, is a beautiful place with a picturesque downtown area, historic buildings, and stunning nature. Some of the most photogenic spots are the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University, and the town’s many parks and gardens. In addition to that, the many local specialty shops and antique stores add to the town’s charm.

20. Cape May, New Jersey

Building and lighthouse in Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is a beautiful seashore town that is located on the Cape May Peninsula. This town is known for its grand and colorful Victorian houses, such as the George Allen House and the Pink Cottage. Other photogenic places in Cape May include the stunning promenade, pristine beaches, and the historic 1859 Cape May Lighthouse.

21. Hudson, New York

Trees in Hudson, New York

Hudson, New York, is a charming town that is packed with historic architecture, mesmerizing nature, and historic landmarks. The Hudson Athens Lighthouse, constructed in 1874 and located in the Hudson River, is one of the most photogenic landmarks. Other interesting places in Hudson are the FASNY Museum of Firefighting and the Hudson Hall.

22. Lake George, New York

Path and buildings in Lake George, New York
Joice Brinkerhoff / Shutterstock.com

The picturesque small town of Lake George, NY, is located at the southernmost point of Lake George. The town offers amazing views of the lake and great views of the Adirondack Mountains. Furthermore, the town is home to historic landmarks, picturesque colorful houses, and beautiful nature.

23. Aiken, South Carolina

Flowers in Aiken, South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina, founded in the year 1835, is a wonderful town that is rich in historic sights. The town is known for its horse racing. One of the most beautiful places in Aiken is the Historic Horse District, a district filled with picturesque buildings and scenic nature. From seeing nature at the Hopelands Gardens to discovering works of art at the Aiken Center for the Arts to having fun playing golf at the beautiful golf clubs in the town, there’s a lot to do in Aiken.

24. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona on a sunny day

Sedona, AZ, is a beautiful town with stunning desert landscapes. The town is known for its numerous incredible red rock formations. Furthermore, many outdoor activities can be done in Sedona, there are lots of spas in the town, and the town has a flourishing art scene. So whether you want to hike and see nature, visit art galleries, or have a spa day, you can do that here.

25. Oxford, Mississippi

Trees and building in Oxford, Mississippi
Feng Cheng / Shutterstock.com

Oxford is a beautiful college town in Mississippi that was founded in the year 1837. The town is home to the University of Mississippi and numerous 19th-century buildings with beautiful architectural styles, such as The Lyceum and Rowan Oak. Oxford is also packed with great local restaurants, boutique shops, and interesting museums.


We’ve gathered a list of 500 popular small towns in the USA and we conducted an analysis of these towns by looking at the following categories: search trends, popularity with photographers, and popularity for photography with the general public.

  • We analyzed search data for each small town by looking at search data over the last 12 months for a variety of search queries related to photography, such as the name of the small town + “photography”, the name of the small town + “photo”, and the name of the small town + “photo shoot”.
  • To determine the popularity of each small town with photographers, we looked at the number of posts for each small town on the website Flickr, a popular photo-sharing platform for photographers.
  • To determine the popularity of the towns for photography with the general public, we looked at the number of posts on Instagram that were posted with a hashtag with the name of the small town and its state. In addition to that, we looked at other hashtag data related to each small town.

For each of these factors, a standardized value was calculated, which was then used in a weighted formula to determine the overall picturesque score for each small town. The following weights were used:

  • Search trends: 0.2
  • Popularity with photographers: 0.3
  • Popularity of the towns for photography with the general public: 0.5