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12 Rainy Day Activities in Durham, NC (Indoor Fun!)

Rainy day in Durham, NC
Rainy day activities in Durham, NC – Bryan Pollard /

If it’s pouring outside and your outdoor plans got canceled, no worries, because there are a lot of fun rainy day activities in Durham, NC.

Because of all the great indoor activities in the city, you can have a lot of fun in Durham if the forecast calls for rain. Whether you love art, games, food, or entertainment, there’s something fun to do. From seeing a show to going to a museum, there’s something for everyone’s liking.

I made this guide with the best things to do when it rains in Durham to help you find the most fun indoor activities!

Rainy Day Activities in Durham, NC

Go to a Show at the Carolina Theatre

View of the Carolina Theatre in Durham
Outside of the Carolina Theatre – KAD Photo /

When it is pouring outside, seeing a show at the Carolina Theatre can be a great idea.

The Carolina Theatre of Durham is a historic performing arts venue that you can find in downtown Durham. The theater dates back to the year 1926 and became a great spot for movies, concerts, and other entertainment.

It still is a wonderful place to go if you want to have fun.

There may be a great comedy show when it is raining outside. Or you can go to the theater to see a retro film.

When you go here to see a show, there are also a lot of great concessions to choose from. For example, you can get tasty popcorn.

Address: 309 W Morgan St, Durham, NC 27701

Go to the Nasher Museum of Art

The Nasher Museum of Art is an art museum that is part of Duke University and it is located on the campus of the university.

The collection of the museum consists of more than 13,000 objects and includes works by famous artists such as Fred Wilson, Alma Thomas, and Jeffrey Gibson.

You can see art from all around the world at the museum, and the museum also wants to showcase art by underrepresented artists.

Besides contemporary works, you can see art from many other periods in time here as well.

There are also often temporary exhibitions of art at the Nasher Museum of Art.

To make your visit to the museum even better when it is raining in Durham, you can also go to the Café of the museum.

Address: 2001 Campus Dr, Durham, NC 27705

Visit the 21c Museum Hotel Durham

View of 21c Museum Hotel Durham and other buildings
21c Museum Hotel Durham and other buildings – Kate Scott /

The 21c Museum Hotel Durham is a unique venue that is located in downtown Durham that is great to check out when it is raining if you like art.

What’s unique about this place is that it is both a contemporary art museum and a hotel.

At 21c Museum Hotel Durham, you can see great contemporary art exhibitions here that often change. The art that is on display at the museum is amazing art from all across the world.

Besides going here for great art exhibitions, you can go to 21c Museum Hotel Durham to attend an event. For example, you can go here to attend a talk or do a guided tour of the museum’s exhibitions.

Address: 111 North Corcoran St, Durham, NC 27701

Go to Bull City Escape and Play an Escape Game

Bull City Escape is an escape room and going there is one of the most fun rainy day activities in Durham.

At this place, which is located on Iredell Street, you can play fun indoor escape games.

An escape game is a game that takes 60 minutes in total. During this time, you’ll have to try to escape from the room that you are trapped in. To do this, you have to find clues and solve fun puzzles by working together.

There are several different types of escape games at Bull City Escape, and each of the games has a different theme.

One of the best games that you can play here is called “Enchanted Kingdom”. During this escape game, your objective is to track down the “crown jewels” of the “Enchanted Kingdom”.

Because there are many different rooms to choose from, there will definitely be one that you’ll enjoy playing.

Address: 711 Iredell St, Durham, NC 27705

Shop at The Streets at Southpoint

Interior of The Streets at Southpoint
The Streets at Southpoint from the inside – Sharkshock /

The Streets at Southpoint is an indoor shopping mall that you can find in Durham.

Many traditional retailers can be found at the mall, including Macy’s and Belk. There are more than 170 different stores at the mall and the types of stores that are located at the mall are very diverse.

There are also options for entertainment at the mall. For example, you can find an AMC Theatres movie theater at the mall. In addition to that, the mall has many good restaurants.

Because of all the things to do at The Streets at Southpoint, you can easily spend a few hours here when it is pouring.

Address: 6910 Fayetteville Rd, Durham, NC 27713

Check Out the Museum of Durham History

The Museum of Durham History is a great museum that is all about the history of the city of Durham. A rainy day can be a great opportunity to learn new things about the city and you can go to this museum for free.

At the museum, you can find many different types of exhibits that tell the story of the city through the stories of people who live and have lived in Durham.

There are permanent exhibits at the museum, including an exhibit that focuses on the start of the city of Durham.

Another exhibit at the museum is all about teaching the history of the city to school-aged children, making the museum great to visit with kids when it rains as well.

Address: 500 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701

Dine at The Restaurant at The Durham

Exterior of The Durham
Outside of The Durham – zimmytws /

The Durham Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel that is located in downtown Durham.

At the hotel, you can find The Restaurant at The Durham which can be great if you’re looking for indoor activities in Durham. You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner here when it is pouring outside.

The restaurant’s menu consists of seasonal American classics and dishes made with local ingredients.

You can get an a la carte breakfast or lunch in the two-story dining room or in the street-side patio when you go here.

Dinner is served in the two-story dining room of the restaurant.

You can also enjoy great weekend brunch at The Restaurant at The Durham. Every Saturday and Sunday, you can get delicious local food at the restaurant.

Address: 315 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

Check Out Clouds Brewing Durham

Clouds Brewing Durham is a bar and restaurant that you can find on Brightleaf Square.

The restaurant opened in the year 2016 and serves great German-inspired dishes.

You can get a lot of great food at Clouds Brewing Durham, including a breakfast burrito, French toast, and avocado toast.

In addition to that, Clouds Brewing Durham has 50 taps, and many of these are brews made by Clouds Brewing Durham itself.

There are also special events at the restaurant, including trivia nights. There are also weekly specials at Clouds Brewing Durham.

You can also find great shops at Brightleaf Square that can be great to check out, but for this, you have to wait till it stops raining or go outside with an umbrella.

Address: Brightleaf Square, 905 W Main St #22, Durham, NC 27701

Visit the Museum of Life and Science

Butterfly and fruit at the Museum of Life and Science
Butterfly at the Museum of Life and Science

The Museum of Life and Science is a museum that is located in the Northgate Park neighborhood. The museum is a great place for children to learn about nature and science through various hands-on exhibits.

The museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibits, and the indoor exhibits can be great to check out when it rains for families.

For example, there is a butterfly house where children can see and learn about hundreds of tropical butterflies.

The “Carolina Wildlife” exhibit is a great exhibit through which children can learn about animals that are native to North Carolina. There are reptiles, mammals, and birds here.

Another interesting exhibit is the Aerospace exhibit where children can learn about the Apollo program. There are many objects related to this here, including a prototype of a moon lander, a real moon rock, and the Mercury capsule.

Address: 433 W Murray Ave, Durham, NC 27704

Enjoy Delicious Food at the Durham Food Hall

The Durham Food Hall is a food hall, not to be confused with a food court, where ten local chefs serve amazing food and drinks in one space.

These chefs use fresh local ingredients to create unique and high-quality dishes.

Because the chefs all serve different food, the Durham Food Hall allows you to discover new types of food which is a fun rainy day activity in Durham.

What makes the food hall amazing too is that you can go here with several people and enjoy the food you like in one space. You can order food from each vendor and then enjoy it in the main hall.

There is also a central bar where you can get drinks, including beers by local brewers.

Address: 530 Foster St Suite 1, Durham, NC 27701

Attend a Performance at the Durham Performing Arts Center

Outside of the Durham Performing Arts Center
Exterior of the Durham Performing Arts Center – zimmytws /

The Durham Performing Arts Center is a modern performing arts center that was established in the year 2008.

The center has a beautiful contemporary design and a state-of-the-art sound system that will make every show you’ll see here even better!

Lots of different events take place here, and there might be a great one for you to attend while it is raining outside. For example, you can go here for concerts, comedy shows, musicals, and other types of shows.

You could also go here to do a backstage tour. There are monthly tours for the general public that last about 45 minutes. During these tours, you can see many sections of the theater, including the backstage area and the Skyline lounge, where one can get amazing views of the city.

Address: 123 Vivian Street, Durham, NC 27701

Go to the NCCU Art Museum

The NCCU Art Museum is a wonderful museum that is part of the North Carolina Central University. The museum was founded in 1942 and the first student exhibition took place in the year 1954.

The museum’s permanent collection consists of about 1,3000 works of art, and the museum has an incredible collection of art made by African-American artists.

You can see amazing works from the 19th and 20th centuries at the NCCU Art Museum, and there are also contemporary works of art.

In addition to that, each year, the museum organizes special exhibitions.

Address: 1801 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27707

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What To Do When it Rains in Durham Tips

There are many great indoor activities, so you can be sure of a great time in the city even when it is raining outside. To have the best time you should not forget to bring an umbrella with you. The things to do on a rainy day in Durham on this list are great as they are all indoors, but you still have to get inside and for this, you have to be outside for a short moment even when going there by car. An umbrella will make your experience much better.

The Streets at Southpoint from the outside
Outside of The Streets at Southpoint – Sharkshock /

Things To Do on a Rainy Day in Durham Map

Thanks for reading my guide to the best rainy day activities in Durham, NC. As you see, you can still have a lot of fun in the city if it’s pouring outside!

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