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8 Amazing Breakfast Spots in Greensboro (+ Map)

Mimi's Cafe, one of the best breakfast spots in Greensboro
Breakfast spots in Greensboro – Jen Bartlett /

If you’re looking for breakfast spots in Greensboro, you’ve come to the right place.

There are great restaurants in the city where you can get delicious breakfast. The restaurants have a large variety of food you can choose from, including waffles, pancakes, breakfast burritos, yogurt, blueberry muffins, and fresh fruit. Whether you want to have sweet or savory food for breakfast, there are a lot of options. Some of the restaurants also have daily breakfast specials that you can try.

To help you find the best place for breakfast in Greensboro, I made this guide with incredible spots with great food.

Best Breakfast Spots in Greensboro

Scrambled Southern Diner

Dish at Scrambled Southern Diner
Food at Scrambled Southern Diner

Scrambled Southern Diner is a breakfast spot that is located in Lindley Park. The diner serves breakfast all day and there’s also a lunch menu that is available from 11 AM.

Scrambled’s menu includes dishes made with ingredients from local farmers and ingredients from other places in North Carolina.

One of the house specialties is the breakfast burrito, which includes chorizo, black beans, cheddar, eggs, and more.

Another house specialty that is great is the breakfast flatbread. This is a flatbread with provolone, cheddar, eggs, mozzarella, and other ingredients.

You can also choose from great skillets and omelets. These include 2 eggs, a choice of bread, and hash browns or cheddar gritts. One of the best ones is “the forester”, which includes tofu, mushrooms, brie, truffle oil, parley, and leeks.

In addition to savory options, there are also sweet options. For example, it is possible to get delicious buttermilk pancakes and waffles at Scrambled, and there are many toppings to choose from, including blueberries, chocolate sauce, and fresh bananas.

Having food at Scrambled Southern Diner is also one of the best date ideas in Greensboro.

Address: 2417 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, NC 27403

The Sage Mule

Sourdough waffle at The Sage Mule
Waffle at The Sage Mule

The Sage Mule is a restaurant that opened in 2019. It is an all-day breakfast spot, and it is also possible to get lunch and Sunday brunch at The Sage Mule.

The food that you can get at the restaurant is made from scratch and using the highest-quality ingredients.

You can choose from several different types of breakfast plates. One of these is The Continental, which consists of yogurt, homemade granola, fresh fruit, and a choice of muffin.

The Avocado Toast, which includes heirloom tomato relish, pickle onion, fresh avocado, sourdough, and a house salad, is a great option for breakfast as well.

In addition to that, there are delicious biscuits and you could also have pastries for breakfast, such as a blueberry muffin.

When you have breakfast here, you can get coffee with beans sourced from Counter Culture Coffee at The Sage Mule, and there are many different options for coffee, including cortado, macchiato, and cold brew. There are also various tea options, such as matcha latte and chai latte.

Address: 608 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27401

Tex & Shirley’s

Dishes at Tex & Shirley’s
Food at Tex & Shirley’s

Tex and Shirley’s is a restaurant that was established in 1972. The restaurant has a large menu that includes a lot of different breakfast options making it a great place for breakfast in Greensboro.

For example, there are all kinds of pancakes. You can get buttermilk pancakes with the choice of all sorts of toppings, including blueberry, chocolate chip, banana, and apple.

You can also get chili pancakes, which are corn pancakes that are topped with chili and cheddar cheese, Swedish pancakes, which are three large thin pancakes, and other types of pancakes.

Tex & Shirley’s also serves many different types of omelets, you can get French toast at the restaurant, and there are other options for breakfast.

You can get coffee, tea, and other drinks with free refills at the restaurant.

Address: 1617 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC 27403

Emma Key’s

Emma Key’s, which is located in Lindley Park, is a great spot for breakfast in the city. The restaurant opened in 2010 and is open daily for breakfast.

You can get delicious breakfast sandwiches at Emma Key’s, and it is possible to build your own breakfast sandwich or choose one of the breakfast sandwiches on the menu.

One of the choices on the menu is the “El Diablo”, which is a breakfast sandwich with pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapenos, grilled tomato, and Tabasco ketchup drizzle.

Another great breakfast sandwich on the menu is the “Swiss Bliss”. This sandwich includes Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, and grilled onions.

When you choose to build your own breakfast sandwich, you can choose from various cheeses, meats, and vegetables.

You can also choose from all kinds of omelets, waffles, pancakes, and some other options.

One of the best sweet options is the “Waffle with Nutella & Berries”, which is a waffle with Nutella and either strawberries or blueberries.

You can also get classic pancakes with maple syrup at Emma Key’s.

Address: 2206 Walker Ave, Greensboro, NC 27403

Print Works Bistro

Food at Print Works Bistro
Dish at Print Works Bistro

Print Works Bistro is an employee-owned restaurant that focuses on classical and modern French bistro dishes.

The breakfast dishes of Print Works Bistro vary and include both sweet and savory options.

For example, you can get a quiche made with Brussels sprouts, applewood smoked bacon, feta, and other ingredients. Other delicious breakfast plates are the avocado toast and bistro breakfast. The latter plate includes scrambled eggs, bacon, wheat toast, and bistro potatoes.

The spinach omelet, which includes feta cheese, chives, and bistro potatoes, is a delicious option as well.

If you want sweet food, that’s possible too at Print Works Bistro. For example, the housemade blueberry muffins, housemade cinnamon buns with warm caramel sauce, and housemade granola are great options for breakfast as well.

In addition to great food, you can also get great drinks at Print Works Bistro, including Counter Culture Coffee.

Address: 702 Green Valley Rd, Greensboro, NC 27408

Chez Genèse

Chez Genèse is a French-inspired breakfast restaurant in Greensboro. You can get breakfast at the restaurant from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Chez Genèse is both great for its food and for its beautiful interior. The restaurant’s interior features many living plants.

From eggs to sandwiches to soup, the menu includes many options.

For example, one of the best specialties is the “Cinnamon Sugar Pancakes”, which are pancakes that come with apple compote and crème fraîche.

Another specialty that is a great option is the breakfast pizza. This pizza includes crème fraîche, Emmental cheese, red potatoes, green onions, and other ingredients.

You can also get delicious fruit crêpes at Chez Genèse. For these, you can choose from fresh strawberries, caramelized apples, bananas, or blueberries.

The menu of Chez Genèse includes a variety of tartes and sandwiches. For example, a great one is the Smoked Salmon Sandwich, which includes multigrain toast, fresh avocado, and other ingredients.

Some other delicious options include the Veggie Croissant and the Heirloom Tomato Tart.

Each day of the week, there’s also a special dish of the day.

Address: 616 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27406

Mimi’s Cafe

Mimi’s is a breakfast spot with several locations. One of the locations is in Greensboro, and it is located at 3322 West Friendly Avenue.

Mimi’s has an all-day breakfast menu with many different options.

You can get classic food for breakfast at Mimi’s, such as fried chicken and waffles, and delicious breakfast tacos.

The menu also includes different types of omelets. For example, you can get the Santa Fe Omelet, which consists of three eggs, diced jalapenos, cilantro, tomatoes, and other ingredients.

The cinnamon roll French toast, which comes with powdered sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, is delicious too.

Address: 3322 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC 27410

Jesse’s Diner

Jesse’s Diner is a Southern restaurant that is located close to the Greensboro Coliseum where you can get a delicious breakfast. There are many breakfast options to choose from, so whatever food you want to have for breakfast, you can get it at this restaurant.

You can choose a breakfast plate, which is served with 2 eggs, toast, and grits. For example, you can get the “Salmon Patties” breakfast plate.

In addition to that, you can often get a daily breakfast special as well.

There are also great options if you want to have an omelet. For example, you can get a Greek omelet, which is filled with spinach, onions, feta cheese, and tomato, or you can get a veggie omelet.

The menu of Jesse’s Diner also includes a variety of biscuits, sandwiches, and potato dishes. For example, you can get great hash browns with ham & cheese.

Address: 2606 W Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27403

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Greensboro Breakfast Spots Tips

Some of the restaurants on this Greensboro breakfast spots list also offer brunch, so if you want to have delicious food but want to go to a restaurant later in the day, you can consider having brunch.

Some of the restaurants offer brunch every day of the week, while others have brunch on the weekends or Sundays.

I also recommend finding out if any of these breakfast restaurants are located near one of the best things to do in Greensboro, such as a museum, that you might want to go to after having breakfast. For example, you can find Jesse’s Diner close to the Greensboro Coliseum.

View of a street in Greensboro
Street in Greensboro – gurezende /

Breakfast in Greensboro Map

Thanks for reading my guide to the best breakfast spots in Greensboro. I hope I helped you find a great place to visit!

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